Important Event

Important event

2018-11-28 00:10:00

 1.MEIDISEN invented the first mini wireless electric water spraying mop ES-180

2. MEIDISEN found through practice that mini electric mop is suitable for cleaning small area families. After research and development and exploration, it created an upgraded version of electric mop ES-200, which can clean the floor in an all-round and efficient way.
3.MEIDISEN keeps upgrading under the market demand, and further develops ES-230, a wireless electric water spraying mop. Advanced technology makes the product more stable and intelligent.
4. Adhering to the concept of continuous innovation, MWIDISEN is able to create ES-350 wireless electric mop through continuous research and development and exploration, combining the functions of water spraying, floor mopping and LED lighting, as well as adding popular factors, so as to make the product more beautiful and atmospheric, and meet the requirements of the market for beauty.
5.MEIDISEN, in order to expand the market, involves in the field of vacuum cleaners. With the efforts of a strong scientific research team, MEIDISEN creates an all-in-one intelligent vacuum tugging machine ES-750, which complies with the trend of The Times and is fast and convenient.